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EARS I is a fully automatic production tracking system. It does not require any operator interaction. The system communicates over a proprietary wireless network that does NOT require wifi. 

Remote Machine Controller

Wireless module required at each machine to be monitored.

  • Wireless module collects the data automatically and reports it back to the monitoring PC

  • Transparent to existing machine controls

  • Requires a simple signal from your production process when a part has been made.

Production monitoring PC software

Monitoring Software

A single PC is set up with the EARS I monitoring software. I will automatically collect the production data from every connected machine. The live data is available to be viewed by any PC on your network that has the dashboard software installed. Historical data is saved to an ODBC database where it can be used by third party software packages or by the EARS I simple reporter. In addition the database has a live data table that can share real time data to third party software packages through the ODBC database.

PC Dashboard software

Real Time Machine Status on any PC on your local factory network

View real time status of your production from the comfort of your office. In addition to real time status the dashboard also provides production graphs which are minute by minute view of production for each machine. Simply select the machine you are interested in and get a birds eye view of its production for the past 24 hours.

  • Current production rate

  • Total production count

  • Average production rate

  • Up time and Down time

  • Individual and total factory efficiency

  • Machine name with status

Reporting Software

View and create simple reports

Export data to Excel or generate simple reports with a click of a button. Analyze historical data for any machine.

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