Easy-to-Use, Full-Featured Production Tracking System

With its intuitive user-interface and simplified-data-structure, EARS II is arguably the easiest system to implement and utilize. While user-friendly, EARS II still provides all of the functions that today's modern factories require.

EARS II comprises of three components, the PC Dashboard and Reporting software, the Machine Operator Interface software and the EARSII controller required for each machine.

Touch screen operator interface

View your production status locally at each machine while encouraging workers to maintain production goals.


Production stopped? Simply select from a list of field configurable reasons why. EARSII will log the time, duration, reason and even who was logged in. Know the details when production falls short so you can take the appropriate steps for improvement. 

Because EARS II is dynamic, it can be configured for each machine/process so that data is relevant to each process.

Reporting Tools & Real-Time Machine Status

Watch production in real time from any PC in your factory! Not at your desk? No problem, EARS II provides email or text alerts.


Easily identify which machine is down and why. View, sort, and report production data from one program, and export data to Excel, Word, and more.


Production data is available per shift and job. Data includes reasons for down-time, length of downtime with time stamp, user-login history, and more.

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