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Cam based safety press control

 Standard 12" x 12" x 6" enclosure.
Custom sizes available to your specifications.

The CIECO PPC1000 Press Control meets or exceeds OSHA 1910.217 regulations including control reliability.  (not for hand in die applications.) All contained in a 12 x 12 x 6 enclosure, the self-checking dual processors constantly check each other for proper operation and component failure.  This control is recommended for forge presses and non-hand-in-die applications where real brake stop time is not required. (for low cost resolver based OSHA/ANSI/CSA press controls go here)

All CIECO controls can be provided in any size box with additional hardware as needed. From complete turn-key systems with motor controls to just a few extra buttons for ancillary functions. Tell us what you need and we can provide a package that perfectly fits your application.

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​Standard Features

  • OSHA Compliant Press Clutch/Brake Control.

  • Real English fault messages eliminate the need to look up fault codes.

  • Micro-Inch Input 

  • Self-Diagnostics

  • Interrupted Stroke Mode

  • Off/Inch/Single/Continuous Modes

  • Extra Inputs for T-Stop & Immediate Stop

  • Clutch Pressure Switch Input

  • On Board Redundant Power Supplies

  • Overrun brake monitor (see resolver based press controls for real time brake monitoring)

  • Light Guard Input

  • Light Guard Mute

  • Mute Indicator Output

  • Two hand palm button input Anti-Tie Down and Anti-Repeat.

  • Hand/Foot select Input

  • Foot switch input

  • Input Status LEDs

  • Relay Coil Status LEDs

  • Relay Contact Status LEDs

  • Dual redundant clutch/brake relay outputs

  • Optically isolated inputs and outputs

  • 24VDC Power for External Devices

  • Plug-in Terminals

  • Up to 1000 SPM

  • Auxiliary Stop Outputs

  • Status Display

Optional Features

  • Auto Single Stroke mode: Used to allow an external device to initiate a single stroke of the press. Proper guarding in accordance with OSHA 1910.217 must be in place to operate safely.

  • Continuous On Demand mode: Used to allow an external device to T-stop the press to allow for material feeding to catch up then start stroking in continuous again.  Proper guarding in accordance with OSHA 1910.217 must be in place to operate safely.

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