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HD13 Industrial Resolver

Used with all our resolver based controls.

CIECO resolver

The HD13 industrial resolver is used with all the CIECO resolver based controls. It is one of the most rugged resolvers on the market today. The 5/8" shaft extends through a sealed double row bearing to the back of the housing which is machined from a solid block of aluminum. Resolver rotor is mounted to the 5/8" shaft and the outer portion is press fit into the aluminum block. Our unique design contributes to its ability to withstand shock and vibration of harsh industrial environments.


Bracket Dimension

Resolver cutout to exspose the rugged design.

Ordering information:

  1. Resolver model#: HD13

  2. Cable#: CR-6S-xx (replace xx with length in feet. Standard is 20')

  3. Bracket#: A99274

  4. Sprockets with Chain: A99866

  • 2 sprockets

  • 10' chain

  • Shaft adapter and key

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