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CIECO stocks many of the items shown on this page. Not sure what accessories you need? Call us and talk with a sales engineer who will help you choose the right accessories for your project.

Dual Solenoid Safety Valve

Norgren (HERION) Dual Solenoid Valve for Press Clutch/Brake Control

  • Inherently fail-safe without residual pressure

  • Dynamic self monitoring

  • For use with pneumatic clutch and brake systems

  • Integrates directly with CIECO safety controls

  • Conforms to EN 692, EN 954-1, BG, OSHA, SUWA and other approvals

  • No additional electrical monitoring required

  • Easily fitted into existing systems


A99895   1/4"  (for 40 ton press or smaller)  includes 3/8" muffler

A99898   1/2"  (for 30-80 ton press)  includes 3/4" muffler

A99992   3/4"  (for 100-200 ton press)  includes 1" muffler

A88561   1.0"  (for 250-800 ton press)  includes 1.5" muffler

A88562   1.5"  (for 1000-2000 ton press)  includes 2" muffler

Air Lockout Valve

Provides for lock-out, tag-out of the air supply on your press.

Pressure Switch

Monitor supply pressure to your clutch/brake. Wires directly into CIECO press control air pressure switch input.

Part# 002659

Die Block Plugs

Rugged design made to withstand the tough stamping environment. Each die block must have its own Die Block Plug and Receptacle. Part# below includes two pronged plug and receptacle. The male shorting plug has a heavy duty 12" chain. Also included is an enclosure for the receptacle.

Part# A88335

Air Filter, Regulator


A99987  1/2" Air Filter Regulator

A99988  3/4" Air Filter Regulator

A99990  1" Air Filter Regulator

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