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Safety Press Control

CIECO is the premier manufacturer of safety press controls in the USA. Choose from a full line of safe and control reliable controls with differing levels of automation.

Tonnage Monitor

CIECO provides you with the ultimate in tonnage monitors. Accurate and easy to use we have eliminated the need for difficult calibration routines. No pots to tweak or meters to read. One time digital calibration make our tonnage monitors some of the easiest to use in the industry. 

Press Automation Control

From stand alone single function controls to fully automated controls, CIECO has what you need.

Product Categories

Turn key control packages

Press Control
Programmable limit switch
Automator press automation controls

Automation Press Controls

Advanced control systems designed to maximize production and reduce down time. Add only the options you need included safety press control.

Safety Press Control

Low Cost Safety Controls

Safe and affordable control reliable press control.

Safety and Automation2.png

Safety Press Controls

CIECO safety press controls are OSHA, ANSI and CSA compliant. Multiple levels of automation provide you with the best choice to fit your specific application.

Touch Button

Touch Buttons

For applications that require ergonomic actuation. Fits standard 30.5mm hole.

Two hand palm button station

Two Hand Run Stations

Choose from mechanical buttons or touch. Add buttons and key-switches as needed. E-Stop button included.

tonnage monitor

Tonnage Monitors

Digitally calibrated, our tonnage monitors are among the most advanced and easy to use on the market.

Die Protection Control

Die Protection Controls

Choose from several levels of die protection controls.

Two hand safety relay

Two Hand Safety Relay

Low profile two hand safety relay can be installed in a palm button station.

DV7 copy.png

Programmable Limit Switch

From 4 to 32 output PLS controllers.

Dual Safety Valves

DSV's and other accessories.

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