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Automator I

Press Automation Control (resolver based)

Automator I
Automator I keypad interface with
6" graphic display.

A powerful press automation control, the Automator 1 provides multiple features for both stamping and compacting presses. Versatile and field upgradable, additional functions can be added by simply sliding in a card. The Automator is smart, so when a new card is added, it updates the screen automatically to add the new functions.


Unlike other systems, the Automator controls and options are all contained in the rack system. This integration removes a significant amount of interconnections required by other systems. In addition, this leads to reduced installation time, easier troubleshooting and increased reliability.

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Standard Features

Start with the standard features then add options that best fit your application 

  • 6" BW graphic screen.

  • Versatile rack controller makes installation easy and more efficient by eliminating multiple boards and large amounts of panel space.

  • Standard 8 programmable stop inputs. *Up to 16 die-protection inputs can be added.

  • Standard 8 Programmable Limit switch Outputs with powerful functions like timers, multi-stroke counters, speed compensation, dual window settings and more. *Up to 16 PLS outputs can be added.

  • Job storage, each having its own programmable name and tool number.

  • Parts counter with batch.

  • Strokes counter with batch.

  • Total Hits counter saved under each job for tool maintenance.

  • Zoom function with large position graphic and SPM.

  • Field Upgradable; add options now or later.

  • On Screen Diagnostics.

  • Each programmable I/O can be field programmed with its own name specific to your application.

  • All control is in the rack, so the screen can be mounted remotely up to 100' away.

  • Heavy duty industrial Resolver.

  • Powered by 120VAC.

  • 24VDC power for external devices such as buttons and sensors.




Optional Features

  • Die Protection Input Card (up to 16 inputs). More

  • Automatic Shut Height control Card. More

  • Programmable Limit Switch Output Card (up to 16 additional outputs). More

  • Safety Clutch/Brake press control card (OSHA, ANSI, and CSA compliant). More

  • Tonnage Monitor Card (Peak tonnage). Two or four strain gauge inputs. More

  • Automatic Counter Balance and Cushion control. More

  • Expansion block to add an additional 5 slots. More

  • Enclosures or consoles, motor controls, and turn-key systems. More

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*optional feature



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