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Tonnage Tracker

Stand alone tonnage monitor with digital calibration

Panel mount
Digitally calibrated tonnage monitor.
Tonnage Monitor

Advanced technology that is EASY to use!

Improve part quality, reduce scrap and prevent die/press damage. The TonnageTracker can monitor up to four strain sensors. Applications include stamping presses and powdered metal compacting presses. 

The Tonnage Tracker is a low cost but powerful load monitor that gives the capability to monitor up to four separate loads every stroke of the press. High tech digital calibration provides for a quick and easy installation. Optional SmartChart software can be used to view the signature on a PC. 

​Standard Features        

  • Digital Calibration means no pots to adjust, no meters to watch. One time calibration is performed digitally through the keypad. Quick, easy and accurate! 

  • Up to four strain gauges monitored.

  • One Touch View of Peak or Reverse tonnage.

  • Programmable High, Low, Reverse and Tolerance Alarms.

  • Job Storage for 500 Jobs.

  • Remote Reset Input.

  • Repeatability Monitor.

  • Consecutive Fault Counter.

  • By-Pass Low Tonnage Faults. (During Set-Up).

  • Supervisory Code.

  • NEMA 12 Enclosure.

  • Auto Zero maintains accuracy every stroke.

  • Analog Output for external devices.

  • Powered by 120VAC Input

  • Selectable Reset (Supervised or not Supervised).

  • Front Panel Programming.

Optional Features

  1. Choose one, two, or four sensor strain gauge inputs​

  2. Smart Chart signature PC software: Capture the tonnage signature to a laptop or tablet to compare and analyze. This powerful tool can help improve part quality, assure proper die setup, reveal issues in material and help with die maintenance. Save curves and compare them to the current running tonnage curves to analyze.

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Smart Chart PC signature software for the Tonnage Tracker.

Tonnage Signature
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