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Safety Press controls

Multiple levels to exactly meet your needs!

CIECO press controls include anti-tie down with anti-repeat palm button inputs, eliminating the need of external palm button controllers. Our all-in-one design provide all the inputs and outputs needed to comply with OSHA, ANSI and CSA clutch/brake safety control standards. Our resolver based controls include real time brake monitor, light curtain inputs, dual monitored safety clutch/brake relay outputs and a variety of automation I/O based on the level of control needed. Choose the system that meet your needs.

PPC Series safety press controls

CIECO PPC1100R safety press control

PPC1100R low cost resolver based safety press control  (resolver based)

The work horse of resolver based press controls. With its real time brake monitor, counter with batch, 2 PLS outputs and all the standard safety features, the PPC1100R is the best choice for applications that require minimal automation.

CIECO PPC1000R safety press control

PPC1000R low cost automation safety control  (resolver based)

PPC1000R is a resolver based safety press automation control. Standard features include, safety press control with real time brake monitor, die protection inputs, programmable limit switch outputs, multiple counters, job storage, and the ability to add options. 

Automator Series of automation press controls

CIECO Automator 1 press control

Automator I press automation safety control  (resolver based)

The Automator I press automation control provides graphic screen interface and a slotted rack design. Menu driven programming make the Automator series one of the most easy to use. As standard with all Automator series controls, buy what you need now and add options in the field at any time. Up to 32 die protection inputs, 16 PLS outputs, safety press control, tonnage monitor, and much more....

CIECO Automator 2 press control

Automator II press automation safety control  (resolver based)

The Automator II adds additional options, enhanced functionality and a 15” touch screen with vivid color graphics. The same Automator series rack design that allows for even more options than the Automator I.  In addition, the Automator II is Ethernet (wired or WiFi) enabled with software available to view real time status with production  logging and reporting. Load PDF schematics manual and press              maintenance instructions. Also load job and die specific PDF info under each                 job. Plenty of memory on screen for PDF documents, Ethernet connection is               not required. USB ports allow for safe job backup and PDF file transfer. 

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