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Automator II
Press Automation Control (resolver based)

Real time data server with OPC-UA option!

Automator II
Automator II touch screen with
rack controller.
Controller shown with all 5 option
slots filled.

The Automator II with its 15” color touch screen provides multiple features for both stamping and compacting presses. Versatile and field upgradable, additional functions can be added by simply sliding in a card. The Automator is smart, so when a new card is added, it updates the screen automatically to add the new functions.

Unlike other systems, the Automator controls and options are all contained in the rack system. This integration removes a significant amount of interconnections required by other systems. In addition this lends to reduced installation time, easier troubleshooting and  increased reliability.

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Standard Features

Start with the standard features then add modules that best fit your application 

  • 12" or 15" color touch screen

  • Standard 8 automation inputs

  • Up to 48 optional die protection inputs (see options below)

  • Standard 8 automation outputs with highly advanced PLS features 

  • Up to 40 more optional PLS outputs (See options below)

  • Versatile Rack System

  • Over 145 I/0 available with various options

  • Field Upgradable; add options now or later

  • On Screen Diagnostics and Status

  • 200 security password users, individually programmable. Enable or disable for each function.

  • Heavy duty industrial Resolver.

  • Production Efficiency Chart. Provides a per minute 24 hour view of production graphically.

  • Help button for each screen. In addition to standard help text, help screens are field editable to add instructions that are specific to your application.

  • One Touch Backup and Restore

  • Load PDF manuals, schematics, drawings and setup instructions for each die directly into the screen.

Optional Modules

  • PPC Module: Safety Clutch/Brake press control card, OSHA, ANSI, and CSA compliant. More

         (see ICB option below for forging presses)

  • DP Module: Die Protection Input Card (up to 48 inputs). More

  • RAM Module:

           - Automatic Shut Height control. More

           - Automatic Counter Balance and Air Cushion control. More

  • Accessory Module:

           - Hydraulic Overload control More

           - Motor speed control More

           - Lube control More

           - Two additional programmable analog sensor inputs More

  • PLS Module: Programmable Limit Switch Output Card. More

  • LOAD Module: (Peak) Tonnage monitor More

  • LOAD Module: (Signature) Tonnage monitor with both peak and signature.

  • ANALOG Module: Four sensor Analog Input Card More

  • NEW  OPC-UA Ethernet server, provides real time data to any configurable OPC-UA client More

  • MAX Module: Multi-Axis control for up to 12 axis More

  • Ethernet

  • Servo Feed Interface.

  • ICB - Independent Clutch and Brake Control: option provides additional safety outputs needed for large presses (like forging presses) with independently controlled clutch and brake. Additional outputs are provided for a second safety valve with a programmable timing function to prevent undo wear on the clutch/brake.  

  • Rack Extension (adds 5 additional slots). More

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