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Digitally calibrated!

CIECO tonnage monitors offer accuracy, repeatability and ease of use. One of the only tonnage monitors that are digitally calibrated, we have eliminated the necessity of tweaking pots or reading volt meters. Just a few keystrokes through the keypad and you’re ready to go. We offer a standalone system or integrated with additional control. Choose one that best fits your needs.

Tonnage monitors

Tonnage Monitor

Tonnage Tracker stand alone tonnage monitor with PC signature option.

The Tonnage Tracker brings to the industry a low cost control while having the capability to monitor up to four separate loads every stroke of the press.  Optional PC software allows you to view the tonnage signature and compare each corner graphically.

Automator 1

Automator I Tonnage Monitor and press automation control  (resolver based)

One option for Automator I is the tonnage monitor with two or four sensor links. Also available with many other options for press automation.

Automator II Tonnage Monitor and press automation control  (resolver based)

Automator II

Our most advanced control system, the Automator II has options for peak or signature tonnage monitor. With its 15" color touch screen, the Automator II provides enhanced features to tonnage monitoring such as our tonnage stamp or curve analysis with the signature option.

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