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Low cost resolver based brake monitor

brake monitor
 Standard OSHA compliant CIECO
Brake Monitor.
8" x 8" x 6" enclosuree

OSHA compliant brake monitor
The PCI-100BM brake monitor complies with OSHA 1910.217 with redundant design and is equipped with a rugged industrial resolver to read motion and position feedback. 

In addition to standard brake monitoring functions, the CIECO PCI-100BM is unique that it offers additional features beyond brake monitoring that are beneficial to press operation. Check out the standard features below.

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Standard Features model PCI-100BM

  • Brake stop times in milliseconds.

  • OSHA compliant – fail safe.

  • 90 degree brake stop time test.

  • Programmable max stop time with dual relay redundant relay outputs.

  • Total hits and batch counter.

  • Absolute position and tach display.

  • Motion detect – chain break detector.

  • Programmable High and Low rpm limits.

  • Programmable alarm to alert stop time is approaching max (message only)

  • Fault indicator.

  • Batch count T-stop output relay.

  • Rugged resolver for brake stop motion sensing.

  • Exempts User from Weekly Inspection Requirements of OSHA 1910.217e .

  • Keypad interface with LCD and real English fault messages.

  • Supervisor code and Supervisor key switch input.

  • 8”x6”x6” NEMA enclosure.

Optional Features

  • Two programmable limit switch outputs

  • Speed compensated PLS output

  • Spare output for Brake Alarms

  • 24VDC solenoid monitor input (standard is 120VAC)

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