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Palm Button stations

Rugged industrial stations, built to last!

CIECO palm button stations and run stations are built rugged for industrial environments. We use tough carbon steel NEMA 12 enclosures with industrial grade buttons. Choose from either ergonomic touch buttons or mushroom head mechanical buttons. Any station can be customized for your application.

Two Hand Safety Relay

Two Hand Safety Relay

CIECO's two-hand safety relay model SR-2H is useful for monitoring two-hand circuits to protect an operator. Applications where hazardous work steps should only be triggered when both hand buttons are pressed simultaneously. (within the 0.5 second restrictions)

  • Low profile.

  • Fits into standard CIECO palm button stations.

  • Can be used with mechanical buttons or touch buttons.

Use part# SR-2H when ordering.

Two hand palm button station

Ergonomic Safety Touch button station

4" x 4" x 30" Run station with CIECO safety touch buttons provide an ergonomic platform for two hand safety. Touch buttons with guards and E-Stop button is included.

  • PBS-01-STT- x   Touch buttons and E-Stop included.

  • PBS-02-STT- x   Touch buttons, E-Stop and Reset included.

  • PBS-03-STT- x   Touch buttons, E-Stop, Top-Stop, Reset and Preset included.


See the Touch Button page to select type of button output "x" (1 or 2).

x = 1, use with CIECO safety press controls.

x = 2, complimentary outputs for all other applications.

Run Station with side mounted buttons

Two hand run station

4" x 4" x 24" Run station with side mounted buttons and guards. Mushroom head buttons with guards and E-Stop is included.


Model# RS-01

Palm Station with mechanical buttons

Two hand palm button station

4" x 4" x 30" Palm button station includes guarded mushroom head buttons and E-Stop.

  • PBS-01   Mushroom buttons w/guard and E-Stop.

  • PBS-02   Mushroom buttons w/guard, E-Stop and Reset.

  • PBS-03   Mushroom buttons w/guard, E-Stop, Top-Stop, Reset and Preset.

Palm button station

T-Stand palm button station

Standard T-Stand for CIECO palm button station. Heavy flat plate base holds the station steady while allowing the operator to stand close without tripping on the base. The stand is 35" high from the base to the top mounting bracket. total weight without palm station is 27 pounds.

Part# 002734 (T-Stand only, order a palm station separately)

T-Stand for palm button station

Heavy Duty T-Stand with adjustable height

Adjustable height T-Stand for CIECO palm button station. Height adjusts from 33' to 44" from base to top of stand. This stand is made with heavier gauge steel with a slightly larger floor base than the standard t-stand above. Total weight without a palm station is 62 pounds.

Part# A99993 (T-Stand only, palm station must be ordered separately)

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