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K2000 PLS-Plus

Resolver based PLS and Die protection control

K2000 PLS-Plus
K2000 PLS-Plus
panel mount controller.

Select from a variety of features

The K2000 can be as simple as an 8 output PLS control or loaded with up to 32 PLS outputs or 32 Die protection inputs in banks of 8. Mix and match to build a model that perfectly meets your application needs.

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​Standard Features

  • Eight Programmable Limit Switch Outputs. 

  • Hour Meter. 

  • Timer Output. 

  • Multi-Stroke Output. 

  • Job Storage with Tool Number. 

  • Total Counter. 

  • Stroke and Parts Counter. 

  • Speed Check. 

  • Programmable Zero Set. 

  • Motion monitor. 

  • Program Security Key Switch. 

  • Two Stop Circuits (E-Stop and T-Stop).

  • Separate Speed/Position Display.

  • Input/Output Status Display.

  • Two Line Dot Matrix Display.

  • Fault Check Monitor.

  • EEprom Memory - No Batteries

  • Heavy duty industrial Resolver for position sensing.

  • 120VAC powered (optional 24VDC powered)

  • For applications that require a safety press control with the K2000 see the PPC1000R.

Optional Features

  • 24VDC powered  NEW

  • 4 option ports: a total of 4 ports are available for options that require a port.

  • 8 additional PLS outputs: uses one port/eight (up to 4 ports or 32 additional outputs).

  • 8 Die protection inputs: uses one port/eight (up to 4 ports or 32 inputs).

  • Second timer output.

  • Tonnage monitor: 1, 2, or 4 point tonnage monitor (uses one port).

  • Remote fault reset input.

  • Inch disable input.

  • Additional job storage.

  • Die recognition interface.

  • Brake monitor.

  • Restricted channels.

  • Speed compensation.

  • Servo feed interface.

  • RS232

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