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Two Hand Safety Relay

Two Hand Safety Relay
Compact DIN rail mounted safety relay. Low profile for tight spaces.


The SR-2H two hand safety relay monitors two buttons with mechanical NO-NC contacts or complimentary sourcing transistor outputs. The module provides two monitored, redundant, forced-guided outputs which close when both palm buttons are activated within 0.5 seconds of each other.  If the machine operator removes one or both hands from the actuating device(s), the module relays de-energize, causing the output contacts to open. The relays will not re-energize until both actuating devices are deactivated and then simultaneously reactivated.


​Standard Features

  • Low profile, control reliable, compact safety relay.

  •  Supply is protected against reverse polarity and transient voltages.

  •  Monitors any mechanical button with NO-NC contacts.

  •  Connects directly to  CIECO’s STT-2 safety touch buttons.

  •  Feedback inputs are included to monitor external machine control elements.

  •  Status LEDs for power, concurrent time, Input 1, Input 2 and output are provided.


  • Specifications

  •  Power: 24vdc +/- 15% at 100ma (250ma with STT-2 buttons).

  •  Relay contact rated load: 6A 250V AC, 6A 30V DC.

  •  Relay contact Mechanical life: 10 million operations minimum.

  •  Relay contact Electrical life: 100,000 operations minimum at rated load.

  •  DIN-rail-mountable housing Dimensions: L x W x H  3.55” x 2.10” x 2.30”.

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