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Low cost programmable limit switch

CIECO programmable limit switch
PCI-100LS with resolver & cable.

Programmable Limit Switch (PLS)

CIECO’S low-cost programmable limit switch eliminates time consuming adjustments normally associated with rotary cam limit switches.


The PCI-100LS system consists of a controller/keypad power supply/output board and resolver with 20’ cable. The resolver is coupled to the rotating shaft with flexible coupling, or chain and sprocket. The controller receives the absolute position from the resolver in degrees. Position is never lost even if the shaft is moved when power is off. As the resolver rotates with the shaft, the main controller reads the position, comparing it with the programmed on/off settings. When the actual position is equal to or within the programmed on/off settings, the associated output will turn on.

Quick Programming reference

​Standard Features

Ordering info

  • PCI-100LS​:   Standard control in a 8" x 8" x 6" NEMA enclosure.

  • HD13:   Heavy duty industrial resolver

  • CR-6S-XX:   Resolver cable XX=length in feet. (standard is 20')


  • Speed compensation (pls outputs 1 & 2 only)

  • No motion check input

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